Fast Way for Make Money by YouTube Videos

When you post videos via Youtube, you’ll receive a share of the ads.  The good thing about earning revenue this way is that you can create interesting videos if you can.  You create and upload interesting videos. Ads are shown. Your share of advertising revenue comes to your bank account every month.

People who earn money by publishing Yotube videos are called youtubers.

The important thing is that you can post enough interesting videos.  The more people show interest in your videos, the more popular you become.  Being popular means getting more shares from advertising.

Finding topics of interest

Interest is not the same as interesting.  If an ordinary subject that is needed but not interesting attracts enough attention, you can shoot a video on it.  Examples of how to cook soup, how to change a car tire. You need to constantly monitor what people need. Search trends are among the topics that can give you an idea.  You should constantly monitor social media and check search trends.

Quality of video

The quality of your videos will cause the viewer to follow you constantly.  This is because good quality video was taken with a good camera. Quality video means intelligible video, that tells the subject to the audience in a clear language and the video that the server takes the job seriously.  If the aim is to make you laugh with the most beautiful jokes.

Pay attention to ethic criteria in videos

It is important to pay attention to moral criteria in videos.  Of course youtube or other video environments have set some criteria.  Furthermore, you should care about the values ​​of your own culture and social environment.

Platforms where you can post videos other than Youtube

If you are preparing and broadcasting videos, there are environments where you can broadcast other than youtube:

  1.  Vimeo
  2.  Metacafe
  3.  Dailymotion
  4.  Facebook
  5.  Veoh

You can also earn revenue from these environments.

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