How Confidence Is Turned To Credible

One of the basic requirements of investing is credibility.  Trust is very important for commercial activities. In fact, what we call credibility is synonymous with being reliable.  Banks give loans to people they trust.

Do we only get credit from banks?  If you are doing business, you must have a supply network and you will have to sign many contracts.  Your trust index is your signature.

Now, what do you gain when you become a reliable person?

  1. Being a trustworthy person with banks gives you credibility
  2. When you are reliable in the industry, everyone wants to do business with you
  3. When you are reliable, suppliers provide you with the conditions you want
  4. If you have problems, you can ask for deferment from suppliers or banks.  They know that when you start to win, you will pay your debt immediately. You will surely stop your promise.
  5. Your family circle trusts you, they do not hesitate to lend you when necessary
  6. Your friends trust you, when you ask for help they run to you and if you want to give debt without hesitation.
  7. When the image of a trusted person becomes a reliable organization and you create your brand, you get many loyal customers.

But remember, you should be very sensitive to avoid damage.  Don’t make commitments that you can’t fulfill. Make a lot of effort to fulfill your commitments.  Once trust is destroyed, it is often more difficult to build trust than the first.

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