How I made money by typing?

Is it possible to make money by typing? I want to show that this is possible and that you can pay your bills by sitting in your house and writing your dream life. You can visit and have fun as much as you want. I did that. By sharing my experiences with you, I can make more happy people grow.

Life in the world is not worth the stress and fuss. If you need more money to enjoy life, you will decide for yourself. I don’t see the need to discuss the philosophical question whether money brings happiness. Let’s see how you can make money by writing.

You can make money by writing e-books.

E-books are easy to write and publish. As you write the appropriate language and style, you will experience it in order for your writings to be liked and attracted attention. If necessary, you can refer to resources to refresh your grammar knowledge. If you want to specialize, you can go to courses on this subject. You can even find courses and courses online. I will then explain in detail how to publish e-books and how to make money.

You can make money by writing articles.

Every person is now searching the information on the Internet. Contribute to the huge internet library that connects the world. If you write your ideas, expertise topics and experiences as an article, it will reach your enthusiast. You can earn money by publishing these articles on your site and getting ads.

You can make money by answering people’s questions and problems.

You can make money by writing solutions to problems of those who have problems. giving your answers to the most frequently asked questions increases as your readers go. The high number of readers on the Internet and on social media makes you popular. Popular people also attract advertisers’ attention.

You can make money by writing recipes.

Every day, many people search for recipes on the internet or on their mobile devices. You can write recipes and pif points of the dishes you know. Recipes of local delicacies and international dishes attract attention.

You can make money by publishing your travel notes.

The best part of the trip notes is that you will have fun while you are traveling and those who love reading your trip notes will save you money. With the money you make, you go on a trip again. Create fun and beautiful texts. Describe your adventures in detail. Decorate the articles with your photos. So try to create a fan base.

You can make money by writing report texts.

Companies or research organizations looking for people to write reports on specific topics. You can create these reports by allocating certain times of your day. So you can earn extra money.

You can make money by making expert reviews.

Courts consult experts to resolve contentious issues. If you are appointed as an expert to a court database related to your area of ​​expertise, some files will be forwarded to you. Experts receive a certain payment per file they prepare.



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