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Make money by making soap at home

For this, you must be able to do the job well first. The necessary materials must be at hand. Materials such as soap powder, odor and mold will be sufficient for this purpose. You should make decorative soap for different concepts by pouring the colored soaps into different molds. Colored materials such as tulle and ribbon also constitute the ornament part of this work. The consistency obtained by the mixture of materials is poured into the mold and left to freeze. Assistance can be obtained from many sources, especially the internet, for the construction phase. This work is not only enjoyable, but also creates a sleight of hand and new ideas.

Earn more by running others

The desired models and quantity are communicated to the persons designated for the job. Half of the payment is made at work. Orders are completed on certain days. The amount of soap made is paid. In general, soaps are made suitable for the special days concepts for this work. The average person is paid between 950-1100 TL per month.

We would like you to request a bulk photo of the soaps you have prepared before shipping. The remaining fee is paid as soon as possible after approval.

Home Soap Making Supplement Work

You may have another job. You can make money with the small decorative scented soaps that you will make at home in your remaining time. Many are interested in scented decorative soaps. You can sell your soaps from social media accounts that you will open in internet . You can find out which fragrances and colors are interested by doing some research.

Where to use scented soaps

Scented soaps are used as a nice decor in the bathrooms. Scented soaps are preferred in the bathrooms due to their beautiful scents. 8-10 heart-shaped scented soap placed in a basket will add a different atmosphere to the bathrooms.


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