Making Money From Home as a Social Media Manager

The internet tools we call “social media” offer you huge areas to make money. You can become a social media expert who specializes in specific subjects and attracts the attention of large companies.

As a matter of fact, social media increases the appetite of companies due to its widespread and crowded target audience. Imagine millions of people gathered and constantly eyes on instagram, facebook or twitter… Other social media tools should not forget. Companies don’t want to catch this audience to easily advertise.

It is up to you to examine this issue thoroughly and to follow the current trends continuously. You should follow the developments in mobile applications. How is the target audience analyzed? What type of people appear on Twitter when? When is Instagram most used by some people? For example, if you know which times housewives go through more instagram, and you know which topics they are more interested in, you can instantly reach the audience you want. Let’s draw a script. You know that housewives travel most often on instagram between 10:00 and 12:00 during the day. Most of them are interested in home regulation, cooking, diets, etc. This information is invaluable for companies offering products in these areas. They will pay you more when they see that they get more results than they share with your counseling.

What you need to do?

  1. First of all, identify yourself as an area of ​​expertise.
  2. Analyze what kind of information you can collect about your area of ​​expertise. Information will be your main capital.
  3. Identify potential companies that can pay you.
  4. Prepare a brochure or profile that tells yourself. Rearrange your own personal social media accounts accordingly.
  5. Roughly determine how you get a payment. You may want to pay less or more depending on the situation. Some companies have already established a system for social media consulting. You are expected to adapt to the system.
  6. Convert these success statistics into graphs as you achieve success. You use them to present to your subsequent customers. In the meantime, remember customer privacy. Always keep the name of your customers.

You can now continue your work by sitting at home, snacking in the kitchen, strolling along the beach. Nobody looks at what time you do. They’il see if you get results. You get good money if you get good results .

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