Survival Techniques: Protection From Animal Attacks

There are some subtleties of survival when you stay in a deserted place during natural disasters, on a forest trip or after an accident.  To be safe, you need some information. You need some information to find water and food for feed. You will need some information to find a place to shelter.

One of the dangers that may arise in natural environments is the danger from aggressive animals.  There are animals that are dangerous by nature. There are also animals that are attacking with instinct to protect themselves and that can be dangerous.  It should not be forgotten that even the most innocent sheep can attack you trying to protect yourself.


Lions, tigers, hyenas, wolves, bears, sharks, crocodiles, eagles, vultures, borns, hawks, foxes are predators and aggressive animals.  Since they are usually carnivorous, they attack almost all living things.

First of all, you should know what kind of animals are in your area.  Uncertainty is the greatest enemy. Each method of protection from animals is different.  You can build a shelter to protect from predatory birds. An enclosure with prickly bushes protects you from most aggressive animals.

The top of the pine trees are places where you can be protected from many aggressive animals.  You can make a hammock with the ropes in your hand to sleep between the branches of a tree. Some skillful athletes can sleep in a tree branch by tying themselves with belts without any material.

Poisonous Animals

Everybody knows these animals.  However, there are some poisonous animals that are more insidious and feared.  Their toxicity increases the danger from them. We need to know in advance how we will be treated when we are poisoned or what to do in terms of first aid.

Scorpions, poisonous bees, poisonous flies, insects, ticks, jellyfish, electric fish, crabs, poisonous frogs are the most feared.

To protect them from poisonous animals is to pour smells that you will not like.  Certain animals stay away from some grass. Insects such as flies and bees escape from the smoke.  If you set a fire on your campsite and spread the smoke, you can keep such animals away.

Sneaky Animals

Although monkeys and foxes are not aggressive, they are famous for stealing from people.  Monkeys can attack your bags and mix up your tents, thinking they can find food. Foxes prefer to set up traps against domestic animals and kidnap them.

If you have such animals in the place where you will camp, you should have a well-protected shelter.  Turning a fence and lighting fire can be a good solution. However, the most effective solution should be in the form of several people standing together and keeping watch.

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