Survival Tips You Must Know

There are some basic rules you need to know and follow in order to survive while you are doing sports, traveling or in an emergency. You don’t have to have very supernatural powers. Exceptional durability is not required. Just because you follow some basic rules often keep you alive.


1. Notify a relative


Wherever you’re going, always tell a relative. Having a communication tool, such as a telephone, makes it easy to get help when you need to be in full charge and stay in touch.


2. Learn to navigate


When you get lost in a forest or are in the midst of chaos in a natural disaster, your navigational skills will work. You can find directions by looking at the stars at night, taking advantage of the sun during the day and some natural trails. Learning these can save your life.


3. Get to know poison mushrooms


It is important that you find food when you are lost or left alone in nature. Mushrooms are the easiest to find. But poisonous mushrooms can kill you. If you recognize poison mushrooms, you can stay away from them and have a feast of mushrooms.


4. Learn how to fish, catch birds, or hunt


The possibilities of nurturing in nature are very diverse. You can catch fish near a water source or at sea. You can catch birds and fry them or hire a rabbit. You should know that you can’t catch the rabbit by chasing. When you learn hunting techniques, you often don’t go hungry.


5. Learn to swim


Swimming is important when you encounter water resources in nature. In some cases, such as flooding or a marine accident, swimming can help you survive.


6. Choosing a camp can protect you from many hazards


You may need to set up a camp when you stay in nature or in case of natural disasters. The choice of camp site should be designed to protect you from many hazards. Those who can choose a camping site and know how to set up a tent are protected from the dangers.


7. Building shelter with natural materials


If you don’t have a tent, you can build a natural shelter. Tree branches, stones, leaves give you a safe shelter. You can even survive for days by building a snow cave in severe winter conditions.


8. Learn to light fire


Burning fire in cold situations keeps you alive. You also need a fire to cook food and boil water. You can light a fire without your lighter. If you learn to burn fire by rubbing stones and trees together with this natural material, you will survive.


9. Find potable water


Not all waters are suitable for drinking. It is very important to find potable water resources. As well as finding clean water, it is also an effective method to filter non-clean water into clean water.


10. Eliminate the need for water where there is no water


Even when you can’t find a water source, you can get water from dewdrops and moisture in plants, moisture from the soil and even moisture from the air.


11. Recognizing edible plants


There are many things you can eat in nature. Apart from the fruits and vegetables you already know, the fruits of many herbs and trees give you enough nutrients to keep you alive. Just recognize them.


12. Sending Help Signs


You need an effective means of communication when you are lost and need help. If you have a phone call. But even in such cases it is important to describe your location. If you don’t have or don’t have a phone, you can still send signs in some natural ways.

It is important to improve their knowledge to survive.

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