Vitamin C (Ascorbic Acid)

Vitamin C; It is easily oxidized by contact with air, dissolves in water, tastes sour, darkens in contact with light, is a heat-resistant vitamin.

Duties in Body Work

Vitamin C holds the connective tissues together,

It is a vitamin that protects the body and strengthens the immune system in poisoning and febrile diseases.

It facilitates the transfer of iron and folic acid, which is necessary for the production of blood in our body, into the blood and increases its use. Thus, it prevents anemia.

The vascular walls and prevents bleeding and cataract formation in the eye.

Slows the development of breast cancer and skin cancer caused by sun rays. It is an antioxidant vitamin.

Deficiencies and Excesses

Vitamin C deficiency; bleeding in the gums, abnormalities in the teeth, fatigue, reluctance and joint pain may occur. Excessive insufficiency causes scurvy . It is known as a vitamin that treats gingival bleeding, swelling and pain in the joints and scurvy disease . Resistance to febrile diseases, frequent illness and weakness of the immune system may also be attributed to insufficient intake. Excessive excretion is excreted in urine. Excessive intake may cause stone formation in the kidneys, diarrhea and allergic skin symptoms.

Daily Vitamin C Requirement

Daily vitamin requirement is approximately 75-90 mg. The need increases in childhood, that is, in the period of rapid growth, in pregnancy and lactation, in the period of febrile illness. It is necessary to increase the need 5-10 times in the treatment of various wounds and burns that occur in our body. Since vitamin C does not have a depot, it should be taken with food in the form of 3 meals a day. Thus, it is possible to prevent iron deficiency anemia.

Top Foods of Vitamin C

Citrus fruits such as lemons , oranges , tangerines, strawberries, blackberries, rosehip, tomatoes, cabbage, potatoes and spinach, lettuce, green leafy vegetables such as green leafy vegetables are rich sources. It is important to consume these foods freshly and to avoid losses.

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