What should I pay attention to for halal food?

Halal foods are important for Muslims. HALAL certified products are available in many countries. Products that do not have halal certification can also be halal. The issue is not a certificate that food contains nothing forbidden. What should you pay attention to in order to understand halal foods?

1.     Read food labels

Many food labels contain detailed information about their contents. What additives are, what their components are are written on the packages. By reading these labels you can separate halal foods. If you have a HALAL certificate label on it, you can see it. If you make a habit of reading the label of everything you receive, you will not experience unpleasant surprises.

2.     Ask sellers about the contents of unpacked food

When buying unpackaged, weighed foods, ask the seller if they are halal. When you buy foods that commonly include lard, lard gelatine or wine, you can ask if it contains them specifically. Questions like dır Is there liquor in this dessert? “Or olabilir Could you have added wine to this meal? Yarar often helps you learn the truth.

3.     Learn what is forbidden and what is halal

Haram foods are roughly pork and some additives from pig and lacquered drinks. The flesh of predators is also forbidden. Other animal meat is halal but is not forbidden if slaughtered by Islamic methods. You need to ask them too.

4.     Stay away from suspicious food

The products you buy from places you do not trust are doubtful. Products that dealers cannot provide information about the content are doubtful. It is doubtful that all the meats that are slaughtered by whom and how. You should avoid them. If alcoholic beverages and pork are served in the same restaurant, the other food will also become suspicious.

5.     Shop from trusted vendors

Choosing the dealers you trust will make your job easier. People you don’t trust can lie. They respond positively to whatever you ask to make more sales. But the truth may not be what they say. Therefore, it is more accurate to shop only from the vendors you trust.

6.     For meat-containing products, you should always ask if they are cut by Islamic methods.

How to cut chicken, lamb or veal is important. Islamic methods, by withdrawing to the basmalah and the work must be stopped by a competent Muslim. After the chicken is slaughtered, the internal organs should be removed and the hairs should be trimmed.

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