What should we do during an earthquake

What should we do during an earthquake? This question was a matter of great curiosity by citizens. You must learn what to do urgently if you are inside the building, driving, outside, or traveling by public transport during an earthquake.

 If you are at home or at work in the earthquake

  • You should definitely not panic. Panic always causes you to make mistakes and cause chaos by affecting those around you. Don’t shout, don’t hurry, keep calm.
  • Cabinet, bookcase, shelf, window, etc. belongings should be avoided. Most of them are not fixed and may tip over.
  • You should lie down where you can form a life triangle. For example, a life triangle should be created by crouching next to items that can provide protection such as a full and bulky seat, sofa, and a full chest.
  • You should protect your face by placing the head between two hands or with a protective material.
  • Do not run towards stairs or exits.
  • Don’t go out to the balcony.
  • Do not try to jump down from balconies or windows.
  • Never use an elevator.
  • Do not use phones except to report emergencies and fires. Internet messaging programs are a better choice.
  • Match, lighter should not be burned, do not touch the electrical buttons.
  • If you are in a wheelchair, lock the wheels and protect your head and neck.
  • Close the electric, gas and water valves after the shock has passed.
  • After the earthquake stopped, take security measures quickly and leave the building with the necessary items and materials. Go to the assembly area from the previously detected path.
  • Stay away from windows and items made of glass.

If you are out of the earthquake

  • Be cautious against chimneys, glass shards and plasters that may fall from the buildings.
  • Do not stand under slopes where landslide may fall, stone or rock may fall.
  • It should be kept away from power lines and poles, trees, other buildings and wall bottoms. Be prepared for the dangers from the environment by crouching in open ground.
  • Be wary of dangers from underground sewer, electricity and gas lines.
  • Get away from the seaside. There may be a tsunami hazard.

If you are using vehicle in earthquake

  • If your location is safe; Come to the right without closing the road. Leave the ignition key in place and wait in the vehicle with the windows closed. After shaking stops, go to open spaces.
  • If the vehicle is not in residential areas or a safe place, it should be stopped, left on the ignition key and left in open areas away from traffic.
  • If you are in a tunnel during shaking and not close to the exit; the vehicle should be stopped and descended and the feet should be pulled to the abdomen, and the head and neck should be protected with hands.
  • If you are in a parking garage; The head and neck should be protected with the hands by going out of the vehicle and lying next to them. Large masses such as ceiling, tunnel that may fall from above will crush the vehicle but will not destroy it. If you are in the vehicle, you can be crushed inside the vehicle with a piece that falls on the vehicle.

If you are in metro or other mass transport vehicles

  • Unless absolutely necessary, do not get off the metro and train. You may get electricity or another subway or train from the other line may hit you.
  • Until the concussion is over, the hanger, railing or anywhere should be held in the subway or train, and the instructions given by the subway or train personnel should be followed.
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