Why do we love to save money so much?

Everybody likes to save money or precious gold.  You want to have a large amount of money in your account.  You want gold, silver, jewelry in your strongbox. So why do we save so much money and precious metals?  Even people with a million dollars may want to earn more and save more. What is the main reason for this?

People have been saving money since the invention of money.  To understand this, let’s recall the meaning of what we call money.  The money we have is worth the precious things. It is not the property we have.  The reason behind the invention of money is to create a valuable object that can be carried.  It is difficult to carry warehouses full of wheat with you. But a few thousand dollars, the cost of it in your pocket and just walk away.  It is not possible to carry baskets full of food on your back. However, you can carry a few hundred dollars in your pocket and take the most beautiful and fresh food when you need it.

Money is a tool to get the things we want to have.  So we always need more money to get better.

Uncertainty of the future

We don’t know what the future will bring.  Sometimes we want to have the resources to invest when opportunities arise.  That’s why we save money. When a very good investment opportunity arises, we can take action if we have money.  Or when an economic problem, a health problem arises, our accumulated money may work.

Be prepared for risks

The risks we face over time are diverse.  We may have a health problem. There may be an economic crisis.  There may be war. We may encounter a traffic accident. In such cases, the accumulated money in our account may reach our rescue.

Always wanting better

We save money because we always want to live a better life.  A better life is also often possible with money.

To inherit future generations

We want to bequeath to the next generations, our children and perhaps our grandchildren.  We don’t want them to have our own problems. For this reason, there are those who save money.


There are also those who save money, so called greed.  We need to point out that saving up is a bit dangerous.  Because greed can make a man wrong. Ambition is basically a negative feeling.  Someone who does not need to save money with ambition can sometimes do behaviors that jeopardize his health.  There may even be people involved in illegal work.


People who spend their money for their needs and accumulate constantly, we call it stingy.  Miserly people live at a lower level than their social and economic situation. Even though they have less space, they get into worse cars and live in small houses.  However, there are thousands of dollars in their accounts. They’re afraid to spend the money. This causes them to live under constant stress. It is important to remember that stress is the enemy.

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